Joseph Colannino

Joseph′s aim is to create a unique design for every brief, no 2 design′s are ever the same.

His award winning design′s have been featured in publications throughout the UK, he has a natural talent for design and a hunger to simply create.

His father, a tailor running his own business for 40 years, gave the young Joseph the aspiration to invent and believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it. He gave him the opportunity to study Product Design & Development at Salford University in 1998 and following graduation took the chance to work in the UK and Australia and as they say the rest is history...

Joseph Colannino designs his interiors for restaurants and bars with the client′s needs and customer experience at the forefront. Working with Akbars and Cardamom Black... “in all of my 15 years of professional working life and the 9 restaurants I own, this design is by far the finest one of them all” - Shabir Hussain, founder & Managing Director of Akbars.

Meticulously, Joseph takes all walks of design serious, and believes all details no matter how small are essential to the final design - a genuine joy and love to create & design